Start Live Casino was founded in 2011 and established as an Online Gaming Software Provider to provide our services and products to operators/partners/customers with the direction of enabling them to solely focus on marketing and increasing income revenue to their businesses.

As in all gambling businesses, the casino industry is very competitive. To keep attracting customers, the casino had to find new strategies to pull in more business revenue, and online gaming solution is one of them.

Start Live Casino, as a sub-company of a licensed land-based casino, had the resources to fire up its ambitions of being a provider for online Live Casino Games. Start Live Casino started off using third-party solutions to make this venture successful. But as time went on, we experienced many problems with third-party vendors and third-party systems, which hampered our growth in this industry.

Thus, with the experience that we gained, in a leap of faith, Start Live Casino decided to bring in our own team of developers and to develop our own range and brand of online gaming solutions.

As in all startups, Start Live Casino software and solutions also underwent a period of transition of trials and errors, refining and upgrades, and we now have a small niche in the online gaming industry. With this, Start Live Casino made a decision to officially launch Start Live Casino as an online gaming solution provider. Start Live Casino believes in providing cost effective custom built services for online gaming products and every operators/partners/customers can “Own Your Own Brand; Be Your Own Boss!?

Start Live Casino has been strategically running its services across selected Asian markets, and our range of products are currently being use by quite a number of customers in the Asian market. And as of today, we are also proud to say Start Live Casino has about 120 staff and is still growing, with clients across the region and as far as Kenya.